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Thanks for stopping by! I've been actively making images of railroads for more than 21 years now, but I've loved the railroad for all of my 36 years. As time goes on, I will be adding some selections to this site. The underlying goal in my photography is to capture the majesty and fury of modern railroading, using available lighting and scenery to create an image that evokes in the viewer the sort of feeling I have when making the image. In many cases challenging lighting conditions add to, rather than detract from, that goal; therefore, you can expect to see a variety of lighting in my images.

Older images will be added as scanning resources allow. New images are added courtesy of my Nikon D90 system, and I'm finding there is always more to learn!

Take a look around--there are albums portraying the scene from the Northeast USA to the West, even over to China! Thanks for your support.

You may browse my collection of pictures via the menu located on the left hand side of the page.  I hope you enjoy the collection and thanks for stopping by!

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New Photo Albums
Syracuse Signals...one more time
   -Added 1/26/2014 4:24:18 PM
Is Fall Gone, Already?
   -Added 1/7/2013 9:25:47 PM
Along the Southern Tier
   -Added 9/15/2012 8:16:57 PM
California Crawl
   -Added 4/24/2012 2:35:47 PM
Red Engines, Red Train!
   -Added 2/15/2012 10:42:22 AM
The Last of the Fall
   -Added 2/9/2012 10:29:01 AM
Autumn 2011
   -Added 12/19/2011 8:30:31 AM
A few Photos from 'Nawlins
   -Added 8/23/2011 1:25:01 PM
   -Added 8/23/2011 7:36:41 AM
The Mohave Desert
   -Added 4/25/2011 10:24:54 AM
The Magic of Tehachapi
   -Added 4/25/2011 8:48:01 AM
A Few Days at Cajon Pass
   -Added 4/18/2011 8:34:27 AM
Cima Hill and Afton Canyon
   -Added 4/15/2011 7:53:54 AM
Quick Stop at Strasburg
   -Added 3/14/2011 9:38:41 AM
Winter Railroading in the Laurel Highlands
   -Added 3/7/2011 9:02:01 AM
Everett Railroad
   -Added 2/28/2011 8:46:24 AM
Side Trip to Soldier Summit
   -Added 2/23/2011 7:34:10 AM
A Day on the Bessemer
   -Added 2/16/2011 8:11:26 AM
Cresson Area Night Shots
   -Added 1/14/2011 11:40:21 AM
Just Ahead of the Lake Effect
   -Added 12/20/2010 4:05:26 PM
The Last of the Fall Colors
   -Added 11/29/2010 5:22:53 PM
Fall on the Stourbridge
   -Added 10/19/2010 6:14:57 PM
The Great Divide 2010
   -Added 9/8/2010 6:01:22 PM
Australia & New Zealand
   -Added 4/10/2010 3:05:20 PM
The Blizzard of 2010
   -Added 2/10/2010 6:55:39 PM
New Years at the Summit
   -Added 1/5/2010 6:35:13 PM
Chasing 39Z
   -Added 11/23/2009 11:03:50 PM
A 2009 Fall Morning in Neshanic, NJ
   -Added 11/22/2009 9:48:28 AM
Growing Up on the Conrail Lehigh Line
   -Added 9/1/2009 6:56:20 PM
Denver & Rio Grande Western
   -Added 8/31/2009 7:34:34 PM
An Evening on the Sunset Route
   -Added 8/29/2009 1:56:08 PM
   -Added 8/29/2009 1:44:18 PM
Cresson - Summer 2009
   -Added 8/13/2009 8:32:32 AM
A Quick Stop on at the M&E
   -Added 2/21/2008 3:06:30 PM
2006 Western Rambles
   -Added 12/26/2007 3:07:57 PM
Updated Photo Albums
Syracuse Signals...one more time
   -Updated 1/30/2014 2:05:42 PM
Denver & Rio Grande Western
   -Updated 10/2/2012 8:54:04 PM
Along the Southern Tier
   -Updated 10/2/2012 8:43:12 PM
Winter Railroading in the Laurel Highlands
   -Updated 9/23/2012 10:20:33 PM
Red Engines, Red Train!
   -Updated 9/3/2012 9:53:49 PM
   -Updated 8/3/2012 11:26:12 PM
California Crawl
   -Updated 6/26/2012 5:15:03 PM
D&H North Summer 2005
   -Updated 4/25/2012 8:25:43 AM
Autumn 2011
   -Updated 2/9/2012 10:22:18 AM
Fall on the Stourbridge
   -Updated 10/21/2010 8:11:27 AM
Australia & New Zealand
   -Updated 4/18/2010 5:03:07 PM
The Blizzard of 2010
   -Updated 2/12/2010 6:36:12 PM
A 2009 Fall Morning in Neshanic, NJ
   -Updated 1/7/2010 12:08:08 PM
Growing Up on the Conrail Lehigh Line
   -Updated 10/16/2009 8:43:17 AM
So, you want to replace a railroad bridge...
   -Updated 9/15/2009 4:17:41 PM
From the top of Lower Hack...
   -Updated 1/11/2008 3:18:20 PM
2006 Western Rambles
   -Updated 12/27/2007 9:25:27 AM
The Missabe
   -Updated 9/8/2006 9:50:17 AM
Delaware-Lackawanna PT-98 Chase
   -Updated 9/7/2006 8:52:08 AM
Delaware River Flood - June 29, 2006
   -Updated 8/28/2006 9:06:54 AM
Pattenburg 10-29-2005
   -Updated 5/14/2006 12:19:54 AM
Bear Mountain, NY 11-20-2005
   -Updated 5/13/2006 7:28:52 PM

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